"...just passionately curious."

Raised in culturally diverse Hong Kong, I’ve grown in me a curiosity about how people of different background behave differently. That curiosity eventually led me to 30+ countries, a global network of open-minded friends and innumerable priceless experiences. In search of a place to put my broad perspective, analytical skills and creativity to good use, I found UX Design and am grateful to say I’ve found my calling.


"I dig patterns."

As a former data analyst, I’ve developed a habit of using my analytical skills as well as imagination to discover patterns and trends within piles of data. I let those discoveries drive the direction of my design and the story I tell.


"I wish there was 64 hours a day."

When I am not designing or getting lost in foreign countries, you can find me reading on my kindle, hiking in the nature, taking pictures of all things beautiful, wandering in art museums or watching indie movies.


I love photography. I believe it really helps me as a UX designer to develop my observation skills! Did you just ask why? That’s because taking good photos requires a heightened awareness of people and things, which is the first rule of UX design: EMPATHY! When I travel, I typically spent over half of my time “saving up” moments that inspire me. This is especially true when I go solo. A lot of my photographs focus on capturing people’s gestures, expressions & postures or the serenity found in our mother nature. Recently I’ve also experimented abstract form of photography where there’s more space for imaginations.

The photographs below are from my travels. Please feel free to use them. Just don't forget to give me credit :).